We are here to change your entire perspective of online trading. At Polarbtc, we give you the resources that are going to make trading easy for you. In addition to that, we will help you build your trust in online trading by doing away with all the vulnerabilities that come with online financial activities. Here are some reasons you should pick our trading platform. Suited Perfectly to Newcomers Are you just starting out as a trader? Do you want a trading platform that makes sense to you right from the first minute of its use? You have come to the right place. Our trading platform is user-friendly and designed to be understood within minutes. It has all the modern charts and graphs for your help. You can start trading with us by signing up with a basic trading account that requires no more than $250 from you. Isn’t that an easy start? Modern and Advanced in All Respects We have worked hard to create a trading platform that is modern in all respects. This trading platform is suited to your needs today and tomorrow. With some level of automation, you can let the trading platform trade on your behalf. In addition to that, you can use this trading platform without downloading it and on any device that you use daily. There are no compatibility issues for you to face when you use our trading platform. Safety Means Everything Safety is an important concern that every online trader should be concerned about before they sign up with a broker. When you sign up, you have to give out your personal details, including your name, email address, phone numbers, and your physical address. In addition to that, you are required to give out your banking details too. We make sure all your details are protected through the latest standards of encryption. You can trust our website as it has the latest SSL certificates installed for your protection. In addition to that, we use 2FA authentication to ensure only you are able to sign into your account. Flexibility Is a Constant Theme To make a system simple, we first have to make things flexible for our traders. We do that by providing them with lots of options whether they are picking assets for trading, or an account to start their trading career. We give you 5 accounts to pick from and hundreds of assets that you can trade from the same trading platform. Furthermore, we let you deposit funds in your account using one of the three major ways. You don’t pay any commissions on your deposits and also no commissions on your trades. Our spreads are known for being very tight along with big leverages that let you trade big time even if you have limited funds in your trading account. The reason we offer this much flexibility is to ensure that you feel free while trading on our trading platform. We don’t want to restrict you in any way, whether it’s about picking a trading account or the asset that you are interested in trading. Professional-level Training and Education It is important that you learn trading before you consider yourself ready to put hundreds and thousands of dollars on the line. We help you in a variety of ways in this aspect. Firstly, you can learn from videos and eBooks since we have plenty of them. Secondly, you can take a look at our trading glossary for all the basic and advanced trading terms. You can then attend webinars and private training session for more learning. Try the demo account before you open your paid trading account for a better understanding.

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