In this page, we have set up our terms and conditions pertaining to the services of Polarbtc. Please note that in this document, you will be encountering with words namely ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘platform’, ‘company’ etc. which individually means nothing by ‘Polarbtc’. We offer trade opportunities in legal securities in a digital space of online trading. Our trading platform is entirely digital while our services are also entirely digital based. We share information on our web page, trading platform as well as on the mobile app, which is to be used and considered appropriately for the purposes of trading by our members. Our terms and conditions is the contract of whom the Polarbtc and a member are parties. The following terms and conditions shall apply to Polarbtc as they will apply to the member. Acceptance of this policy means Polarbtc and the member are in an agreement with each other. However, we reserve the exclusive right to change or amend existing provisions or incorporate new ones as we may deem fit for the purposes of our services. Terms For Platform Usage & Information We can only offer you our services if you agree to our terms and conditions and usage policy and not otherwise. We may inform that certain countries do not allow foreign brokers to render services in their countries. Similarly, some countries allow foreign brokers to render services but they restrict trading of certain assets. You should note that if our services are not permitted in such areas then we are not entitled to render you any service. Similarly, if we are not allowed to offer trade services in a particular asset, which the country has prohibited, then we cannot offer trading of that asset. In case you belong to such an area and use our services by overriding default proxy server settings, then we shall not be responsible for the consequences. The consequences, loss or damage of any kind shall be on your part in such a situation. Keep in mind that Polarbtc will not be responsible if you face any legal issues for trading particular assets. Also, the company holds no liability if you access our site using a VPN to hide your location. Access to Information We have provided information on our website which is contained in the shapes of images, written text, visuals, video and audio. If an area restricts our services, then we reserve the right to curtail provision of information in that area without notifying anyone. Professional Advice Our information must not be treated as an advice by any means whatsoever. We are not responsible for the actions of anyone using our information as advice. Intellectual Copyrights What we have contained in our website are individually owned either by Polarbtc and our affiliates, which specifically include our features, tools, resources, materials etc. The use of the same by you shall not make you owner of the same if you become our registered member. Your membership will only let you usage rights of the same because they same are exclusively owned by Polarbtc and affiliates. You cannot also use any of them for commercial use without our permission. 3rd Party Data on our Site We ensure full delivery of our services with all features and in these services you will be further served by third parties. In the delivery of service by third-parties, you may be taken to platforms which are outside our platform, belonging to third-parties. If you are visiting third-party platforms or have been sharing information with them, then it is entirely on your part for which Polarbtc shall not be responsible. In the event you get into a situation which involves legal consequences, such consequences shall be borne by you for which Polarbtc shall not be responsible. 3rd Party Links Our third-parties use their own links and require users to visit them through their links. If you are visiting them on their respective links then you are responsible for the consequences in case they arise by visiting the links. Voiding Warranties We are under no obligation to suggest guaranteed favorable results from a certain trading. As a matter of fact, we only provide information and specifically we refrain from rendering any advice. Providing of information by Polarbtc should hence never be used as an advice. Liability of Polarbtc Our liabilities are limited under the terms and conditions and we cannot exceed above them for anyone. You cannot expect us to compensate you in case you your trade deal does not go as you had wished for. Similarly, if you are caught up in legal trouble, we cannot assist you in this regard. In case you develop a dispute with third-parties, then the same dispute does not concern us. Immunity If law enforcement agencies or courts are pursuing against you, then we have no concern in your dispute with the authorities. You are accountable for your actions and in that you cannot expect us to save you or conceal anything regarding you. Data and Password Protection Your brokerage account is a password protected account which requires passing of two-layered security codes. In a situation where you have misplaced your password, you can contact us and seek recovery of your account. You should understand this that we are not aware of your passwords which you have forgotten but we can help you in retrieving your account and in setting up new password. In case somebody other than you obtained access to your account with or without your permission then the consequences of access shall be entirely on your part. Understanding Risk You shouldn’t in any way hold us responsible in case you suffer loss or damage because of the trading. You confirm that prior to you becoming our member we had duly disclosed upon you the element of risk which is inherent in trading. End of Use Polarbtc does not allow anyone, not even in exceptional circumstances, to use its platform, resources or features for misusing the same. If any member is found violating this principle, then we are lawfully allowed to suspend the account permanently or temporarily. You cannot claim any compensation in the event that your account has been suspended. However, you reserve the right to take up the matter with us and prove that you would abide by the terms and conditions upon which we can resume your access.

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