We have duly provided a privacy policy particularly with regard to the usage of our services through our digital trading platform. In this policy we have covered everything from trading to end of agreement for the purposes of transparency and fairness. You are hereby advised to read the policy till the end so that nothing skips your attention. In this policy Polarbtc will be referred to in several words like us, we or our which will mean the name of Polarbtc only. We are bound under the law and as per our standard practice to ask our members to give us the information belonging to him or her. In this information we may require you to provide us your identity proving documents, which we shall be mentioning later on. However, the purpose of seeking such information is that we are legally obligated to obtain this information. In the absence of such information, we cannot offer you our services at all. When you have chosen us for obtaining brokerage services, we would require you to open a brokerage account with us. The brokerage account is similar to that of bank account which would need funds to become operational. We have a condition precedent for our account which is that you are obligated to make initial deposit in the account. For this purpose you cannot send a random amount for activating the account but instead you need to make sure you are sending the right amount which was required under the brokerage account policy. The initial deposit is never meant for us nor can we utilize the same. In fact the same is used by you for commencing your trades by investing full or partial amount from the initial deposit in a trade option. For account activation purposes we may further require you to give us additional documents. You are legally bound to provide the same so that we can verify the documents and allow you to trade with us. Anything containing your credentials could be used as verifiable document. For instance, utility bills, insurance cards, National Identity Cards, Health Insurance Cards, Banking Certificates, Electronic Payment Cards, are documents used for verification. You could be asked to provide one or more of them depending on the request by the Polarbtc. We also provide you the cushion of sending the documents to us by mail, email, or any other acceptable means of communication. For that we don’t need documents in order and instead photocopies, scanned copies etc. can be provided to us. You can also send the same by taking pictures from your phone and submitting the same from your mobile whatsapp etc. We also work with third-parties because we use their resources from time to time. In fact there are several tools which we have been using at our website which exclusively belong to third parties. However, the information you have shared with us, remains with us. We keep it safe and protected from third parties. In no manner whatsoever we ever share your details with any of our affiliates or third parties. We also do not take responsibility in the event you have shared any of your information with third parties. As your trading partner, we are required under the contract and as per our terms and conditions to grant you unbridled access to our platform. In this connection, you will be further granted access for using our trade material, resources, features and tools. We want to clarify you further that during the course of trading with us, we may be required by the authorities to provide them information pertaining to you. In such a situation, we have no option but to provide them the information without your permission because we are legally entitled to. Such authorities could be Courts, State owned Regulatory Authorities/bodies, International authorities, law enforcement agencies etc. We have already taken all necessary measures for ensuring complete protection of your data and information. However, when there is an attack by cybercriminals it is not guaranteed that our preventive measures would be able to stop them. In such an event, we cannot be held responsible because although we have provided security but criminals were still able to break into the system. In this event, potentially either funds or data or both collectively can be stolen and thereby misused. If such an event occurs, then it would not be our fault and we shouldn’t be held responsible for the same. We understanding that your information could change subsequently because of several reasons. In case there occurs a change, then you are under a duty to inform us about the change. You cannot assume that we would come to know of the change on our own. In fact, we are relying on you because it is your information and if a change occurs in it, then only you know the change. Non-informing of the change will be regarded as a violation of our terms and conditions which may have consequences. Our website access requires acceptance of the cookies. We may mention that our cookies can be modified so you should use the option according to your preference.

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