1.How can I sign up with you?
The signup process with Polarbtc is extremely easy. You just have to pick one account from our list of many trading accounts based on your experience of trading. If this is your first time trading, we would recommend that you go with our basic trading account. After choosing the account, you have to put in your personal and banking details. You then have to make your initial deposit, which is the minimum deposit you will have to make to start trading on our platform. You can always call our customer support for more details about the signup process.

2.Will you offer any bonuses and promotions?

Yes, we always have some promotions and bonuses for our traders. We like to offer these things to our new as well as existing traders. Do keep in mind though that these promotions are always changing, so you will have to get in touch with us to know the ongoing promotion. The bonuses are available for our traders as soon as they sign up with us. They usually get this in the form of a credit in their account, which is a percentage of the amount they deposit initially. Our existing traders get benefits in the form of loyalty points that they can use for trading. 3.Do I get any guidance when I am just starting out?

Yes, we offer you all the guidance you need when you sign up with us. If you look at the trading accounts we are offering you, you see that there are account managers and relationship managers included with every account type. These experts are there to help you get started with trading. They will listen to you to know your trading and financial goals, after which they will guide you on which type of trading strategy you should adopt to be successful as a trader. Every trader who signs up with us gets an account manager dedicated to them.
4.What is a demo trading account? A demo trading account has been decided

to offer you a simulated environment where you can learn how to trade and use the trading platform. This environment is there to help you learn everything about not only trading but also the platform. When you trade with a demo account, you are simulating the exact trading experience. However, the only difference is that you are not live in the market and not using real funds. 5.Do you have any insured trades for new traders?

We do offer some insured trades to our traders when they sign up with us. However, you will have to know that these types of trades are not offered to every trader. When you sign up with a very basic account, you will not get any insured traders. However, you do qualify for a few insured trades when you go with an advanced trading account. Insured trades are designed to protect you from losses even if you are not successful with your price prediction. You only get a few insured trades with even the most advanced trading accounts. 6.What information do you need from me before I sign up? If you are ready to sign up, the first thing you have to do is to provide your personal information, which includes your name, email address, phone number, and identification number on your ID card that has been issued by your government. In addition to that, we might also ask you to submit scanned copies of your house’s utility bills. These copies are needed to know your exact location. Last but not least, we will ask you for your banking details, which are needed in order for us to accept payments from you and process any withdrawals that you request. 7.What does it mean that I have to give the same banking details for withdrawing and depositing? So, when you deposit funds in your account, you can use the method of your choice. However, when you withdraw funds from your account, you don’t have any choice other than using the same method for withdrawing funds. This particular requirement is in place not only on our trading platform but any platform in the world today. Your cooperation is highly appreciated because this particular step is involved only for your protection. 8.Can I cancel withdrawal requests? Yes, you have the ability to cancel any withdrawal requests for as long as they are at the processing. After the processing stage is over, you will not be able to cancel the request. Please know that the option to cancel your request is available in your trading account. However, if you are having trouble cancelling your request, you can always call us to get help with your account-related problems. We are more than happy to offer you all the help you need. 9.How can I learn from your trading academy? Our trading academy is just like any other academy in the world. However, the only difference is that this particular academy is focused on trading education. You get all the education from us in different formats, so you can always pick the method that you prefer. You can download and use the eBooks or you can go with videos for learning faster. You can also be a part of our weekly and monthly webinars that are hosted by some of the best traders in the world. There are lots of reviews, tutorials, videos, and other materials that you can use for learning trading after you have joined us with a paid trading account. 10. Do I get the same leverage on every asset? We offer you leverages on all the assets that you are able to trade after joining our trading platform. You should know that the leverage you can get on your trades can be as high as 1:100. If you look at this number, it is extremely huge when you take into account the fact that it’s a ratio. Keeping that in mind, we cannot offer you the same leverage on all your trades. Some assets have bigger leverages while others offer you very minimal leverages. Cryptocurrencies usually don’t have a big leverage when you trade them. 11. What are fixed and floating spreads? When you sign up on our trading platform and pick an asset for trading, you pay a small price on every trade. This is not unique to us as you have to pay this spread on any other trading platform. However, the small amount that is charged to you when you trade can be varying or fixed. When you have fixed spreads, you can trade the asset with a locked spread right from the point you enter the trade and to the point when you close it. On the other hand, a floating spread means the spread can continue to change until you close the deal. 12. What methods can I use for depositing funds in my account? There are many methods that you can use for funding your account. You can always pick the method that you rely on the most or the one that you think will be the fastest. When it comes to the speed of transfer, there is no method better than a credit or a debit card. Crypto wallet payments and internet payments are also fast, but since credit cards are the most commonly available tools for making online payments, they are considered more reliable. Last but not least, a bank wire transfer is a slow method but you should know it is also the safest. 13. What is there for me to know about AML and KYC policies? These are two really important policies that are in place for the protection of your rights as a trader on our platform. AML stands for anti-money laundering, which means this policy has been designed to keep money launderers in check before they sign up on the platform. On the other hand, KYC stands for know your customer, which means we have to get your personal information to know you before you sign up with us. Again, this protects your rights as no other person can steal your information and sign up in your name on our platform once we have a unique account for you with your credentials. 14. What’s the importance of segregation of funds? So, the online financial industry has its standards that have been designed with traders in mind. When you hear about segregation of funds, you have to think about the account in which all the funds that you deposit on the platform go. If these funds go in the account of the company, it is not considered professional. What you need is for your company to move your funds in an account that’s only for traders. This particular account is called a segregated account because it is meant only to hold the money that traders deposit in their accounts. 15. Why is encryption of information important? When you sign up with us or any other online trading services platform, you have to give out your personal and banking details. You don’t want anyone to know those details because it can be damaging for you. The problem is that if you enter these details on the website without encryption, your information is completely naked on the internet lines. It means people who are trying to hack will be able to get your information. However, once your information has been encrypted, no one can access the information and steal it. 16. How is CFD trading any different from conventional trading? CFD trading does not involve the buying or selling of assets. What you are buying or selling in this type of trading are the contracts. 17. Do you offer a mobile trading platform? What we offer you is much better than a mobile trading platform. With a mobile application, you have to download it on your device and then it is only limited to that device. If you have the mobile trading application on your mobile and you are on your computer, you can’t use it. Our offer to you is a web-based trading platform. This trading platform can be reached by any trader in any part of the world. It does not cause you any other types of issues that come with downloadable trading platforms. Last but not least, our web-based platform will run on your Android, iOS, and MAC and Windows computers. 18. Will your team trade on my behalf? No, that’s not the case. When you sign up with us, you have to know that we are purely a trading platform. We provide you with a trading platform and various other tools that you can use for trading in this market. However, it will always be you in charge of your funds. Whether you want to trade an asset or not is totally your responsibility. In short, when you sign up with us, you have to trade yourself and there is no one to trade on your behalf. 19. Do I get guaranteed returns on my trades? Not at all! Any company that offers you trading services and then tells you that you can get guaranteed returns on your trades should be closed as soon as possible. When you trade, you are predicting the price movement of an asset. If the asset moves in that direction, you are surely going to benefit from it. However, if the asset does not go in the direction you predicted, you can end up with a loss. There is no way we can guarantee that you will get guaranteed results. 20. What are your service charges and commissions?

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