We want to keep our records straight and things aligned and for that we straightforwardly deny concealment of truth, facts and aspects. Polarbtc is made up of open minded people who accept the criticism with open mind and would like to state facts on their own instead of somebody else’s telling others. This is why we make full disclosure of the fact that currently we are operating in the field of trading as an unregulated entity. It is part of our compliance requirement to obtain regulatory approvals. We may clarify that being ‘regulated’ and ‘licensed entity’ are two entirely different things. We may not be regulated by we are licensed company carrying out lawful business in the global financial markets. This means that on the side of compliance, the same is delayed but on the side of license compliance we are completely licensed. This is to suggest that we are half-way towards full compliance. Even our making disclosure of this aspect is also an assurance towards compliance. As a matter of fact we are already complying with several policies, laws, rules and regulations of several states in various territories. You have our word that joining us will not be a disadvantage to you but instead you’ll be enjoying further advantageous position in the trading market. First of all, we offer wide range of services wherein wide variety of lucrative investable assets can be traded. Our services were enough for us to establish our name around the world and as a result of which we are in the process of continuous expansion. At the present moment you can find us complying with several aspects which are explained below individually.

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